Apple's new iPhones aren't charging for some reason; bring on the Chargepocalypse!

				The ultimate iPhone X wallpaper has finally been updated for the iPhone XS Max

Mobile The ultimate iPhone X wallpaper has finally been updated for the iPhone XS Max

The charging issue is not only related to the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models. One example is the fact that you can let most Android devices to charge 30 minutes, and they will be usable for several hours, a feat that Apple struggles to achieve.

The owners of the new iPhone XS criticize the work of these smartphones for battery problems and a selfie function in front camera.

The iPhone XS Max we have received is also facing the same issue. However, some users found that charging gets starts when they re-plug in their cables while the screen is on but not when the screen is off. The most common problem is that devices won't charge until woken, but one device would not charge at all. He dubbed the issue "BeautyGate", continuing the tradition of attaching "gate" to every problem ever recorded with any iPhone model ever. Users have had to constantly unplug the cable and plug it again, for it to start charging. As its name implies, the iPhone XS Max is larger compared to the iPhone XS.

The information emerged as a whole bunch of users filed complaints to Apple Support Communities, Reddit, MacRumors forums, Twitter and YouTube.

The issue may stem from a security feature introduced before iOS 12 came out that prevented iPhones from connecting to devices like computers if they haven't been unlocked recently.

Innovation isn't cheap but that's what our customers want, argues Apple CEO Tim Cook. What should happen is the display lights up and indicates the battery is being charged.

It was suggested the technology giant could use a software update to reduce the impact of the new features.

Together with iPhone XS Apple presented iPhone XS Max. Incidentally, there were no reports of such issues when wireless charging was involved.

KitGuru Says: Although the iPhone XS range seems to have quite a few impressive flagship features, the constant barrage of problems isn't doing Apple any favours. And there's no option to turn off the smoothing effect in the iPhone XS. However, for this theory to make complete sense, it would affect all new iPhones across the board.

Apple hasn't provided any official statement about the issue, thus, we will have to wait until Apple figures out the issue and provides the solution.

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