Gettin' Jiggly Wit It Fortnite v6.0 Breast Animation Has Epic Games Apologizing

Fortnite Skin LEAK Xbox Exclusive Eon Skin revealed? How to get Eon skin in Battle Royale

EPIC Fortnite Skin LEAK Xbox Exclusive Eon Skin revealed? How to get Eon skin in Battle Royale

Epic Games has added a lot of new features to the popular video game, a new Battle Pass, and map changes.

Fortnite Battle Royale crashes have started to crop up on Xbox One, as players complain of not being able to get online. But as gamers quickly noted, when she performs one of the games' trademark dances, her breasts dance as well.

The new season, seems to be embracing the upcoming month of Halloween has new elements to offer around it.

Pets are one new feature coming to battle pass users who level up and unlock Bonesy, Scales, and Camo- adorable creatures who will come along for the ride but won't be assisting (these are "passive companions", according to Epic). The latter appears to be some type of consumable item that was created by the rolling cube from last season.

Not only is this a nice addition to those looking to collect everything going, but also, they often lead to extra Battle Stars to help you progress through your Battle Pass.

You can also unlock new pets that work like very animated backbling, reacting to when you fire your gun or take damage. And the movement is no mistake either: it bears the distinction of being more realistic than the dance itself, meaning that somewhere, some horn-dog developer has gone to some trouble to get the physics exactly right. The Battle Pass brings a ton of new skins, challenges and other cosmetics.

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Epic Games doesn't do much to elaborate on what the patch contains aside from "fixes for item and animation issues", resulting in animation elements returning to normal without the debatably unnecessary jiggle seen within the original story. Epic cites error messages when players try to purchase Vbucks or a delay in receiving them once a purchase is made. The second relates to Vbucks, the in-game currency.

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