Nana Patekar laughs off Tanushree Dutta’s harassment claim

Priyanka Chopra's reaction to Tanushree Dutta Nana Patekar controversy is something the world needs right now

Nana Patekar responds to Tanushree Duttas sexual harassment allegations

Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan on Thursday evaded a direct answer when asked about actress Tanushree Dutta's claim that veteran Nana Patekar had harassed her on the sets of a film in 2008.

Nana Patekar's lawyer Shirodkar told news agency ANI today, "In process of sending legal notice to Tanushree Dutta as she has made false allegations and has spoken untruth". And though Patekar himself has denied all allegations, journalist Janice Sequeira came forward in support of Tanushree, claiming she had witnessed the incident go down.

"He was grabbing me by the arms, pushing me around then he would ask the choreographers to move and teach me how to dance, and the next thing I know he wanted to do was an intimate sequence with me". He said, "What does she mean by sexual harassment?". We were on set and we were all watching the rehearsals and at one point, I could clearly see that Tanushree was uncomfortable about a certain step or a way a certain step was being rehearsed.

Speaking to Times Now, Patekar said he is considering legal action against Tanushree.

Lucky for her, Irrfan Khan who was starring in the movie alongside her, Anil Kapoor, Suniel Shetty, Emraan Hashmi and others, stood up to the director. Did she tell you? "Her courage should be admired, not her intention questioned", he tweeted.

"That is sad", told Tanushree Dutta. "Some humanity will rise and they will say or do something about it".

Salman Khan was also asked about it at an event and his reply was on similar lines.

Salman Khan: I am not aware of this.

"Agreed. The world needs to #BelieveSurviviors", Priyanka Chopra commented on Farhan's post Friday. My parents were there inside and even I was inside, it was horrific.They made sure that we did not escape from the studio, they locked the gates and then the cops came and they got us out. There was a shoot going on of a dance sequence, so there was no question of Nana or that lady being alone. She added that her shift to the United States and adoption of a spiritual lifestyle was to a large extent a result of the trauma that she faced post the event. No woman wants the publicity that opens the floodgates of trolling and insensitivity. There were so many people on the sets. She was shooting what was supposed to be her solo song (later performed by Rakhi Sawant) when Nana Patekar was on set. "Her only fault was she didn't back down-takes a special courage to be #TanushreeDutta".

The MeToo movement has found resonance in Bollywood, where the vast majority of producers and film-makers are men, most of whom are from prominent families in the film industry.

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