Inside Bill Cosby's Pennsylvania Prison Cell and His New Jail Life

First Person Bill Cosby and the complicated heartbreak of a hero's fall from grace

Bill Cosby And Brett Kavanaugh Are Both Victims of 'Sex War,' Publicist Says

Bill Cosby arrives for a sentencing hearing in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

Wetzel says the prison is "taking all of the necessary precautions" to ensure Cosby's safety.

Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Judge Steven O'Neill ordered Cosby to be jailed immediately, denying his request for bail while lawyers appeal against the conviction. "The DA's use of this falsified audio clip at trial is deeply prejudicial, yet it represents just one of many issues that resulted in the denial of Mr. Cosby's right to a fair trial".

Cosby reportedly told his wife to "Grab the checkbook and hire anyone and everyone" who could get him out "as soon as possible". "Police officers, lay people, they're not allowed to tell you their opinion", the judge said.

"That one is front and center because he didn't rule that way on the initial trial", Loyola Law School professor Laurie Levenson said.

Cosby's defense team has raised the racial issue before, in 2016, before quickly scrapping it.

At a press conference Tuesday, Montgomery County DA Kevin Steele said Cosby could likely expect a bill from the Sheriff's Office as well.

"Bill Cosby took my handsome, healthy young spirit and crushed it", she wrote. "I had, as I have in many cases, a very strong and courageous victim".

The verdict is surely felt by the more than 50 women who have accused the once-beloved comedian of sexual abuse. "And she said "yes.' And that meant the world to me", Feden said".

It features a separate housing unit for geriatric inmates and also offers the counseling required by Cosby's sentence. The prison is fairly new and has 3,830 beds. He says Cosby remains a potential danger to socity even though he is 81 and infirm.

Cosby is legally blind.

Cosby will meet with staff from the prison's medical, psychology, and records departments, as part of standard practice to assess new inmates, Worden said.

According to CBS News, prosecutors have asked O'Neill to sentence Cosby to five to 10 years in prison. Cosby claimed the encounter was consensual, and his lawyers branded her a "con artist" who framed the comedian to get a big payday - a $3.4 million settlement she received over a decade ago.

Rea says it often takes time for sexual assault victims to come forward because it takes courage and self-esteem.

Bill Cosby's appeal of his conviction for sexual assault is expected to focus on a Pennsylvania judge's decision to allow several accusers to testify against him, but his challenge faces significant hurdles, according to legal experts.

Constand went to police a year after waking up in a fog at Cosby's estate, her clothes askew, only to have the district attorney pass on the case.

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