Injured India sailor awaits rescue 3,300km from Australia's coast

Gregor McGuckin's boat was seriously damaged on the 82nd day of the race

Gregor McGuckin's boat was seriously damaged on the 82nd day of the race

Commander Abhilash Tomy, who is representing India in an global sailing event, has suffered serious back injury after a storm dismasted his yacht while sailing in the Indian Ocean.

An global rescue effort is underway to save a seriously injured solo yacht racer whose vessel is stricken in a remote part of the Indian Ocean, 3,200 kilometres off the coast of Western Australia.

Abhilash Tomy was rescued by a French fishing vessel, Osiris, on Monday amid an global effort coordinated by Australia.

Fighting all odds, Osiris led by Irish sailor Gregor Mc Guckin reached Tomy who was lying injured in his sailing vessel in the south of Indian Ocean.

"Defence support is being provided following a request from the Australian Joint Rescue Coordination Centre".

Tomy was participating in the iconic Golden Globe Race when he ran into a massive storm that crippled the yacht and left the naval officer incapacitated.

His vessel, SV Thuriya, is stuck in a remote location in the southern Indian Ocean.

A French fisheries patrol boat found 39-year-old after he was able to provide information via text messages, although the battery power of his devices were diminishing.

After three days of a global search and rescue effort, Commander Abhilash Tomy of the Indian Navy was rescued by a French shipping vessel on Monday morning.

"He is injured inside the yacht so he can't communicate further", an Australian Maritime Safety Authority spokesman told AFP news agency.

Continuous watch over the boat is being maintained by Indian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force aircraft till Tomy is rescued, the navy said.

His yacht was around 1,900 miles south-west of Perth.

Tomy said that the race is an emphasis on seamanship and a direct experience of sea, especially as this year's Golden Globe Race was to celebrate 50 years since the 1968-69 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, to complete an unassisted, solo, non-stop circumnavigation of the world via the Great Capes.

The race said that subsequent messages indicated that Tomy was safe but lying immobilized in his bunk, with one message reading: "CAN MOVE TOES. CANNOT GET UP." His boat had rolled 360 degrees, according to the race organiser. They are also banned from using modern technology such as Global Positioning System and mobile phones. He was in third position in the race and has sailed over 10,500 nautical miles (19,446 km) in the last 84 days, since commencement of the race on July 1.

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