McHenry County Department of Health encourages flu shots

Flu shot

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An Emirates aircraft landed at the airport carrying several passengers and crew members who had flu-like symptoms, according to The Associated Press. Influenza vaccination in high-risk individuals has also been linked to favorable health outcomes, including fewer flu-related hospitalizations and death.

Despite this conflicting advice, Public Health Solutions in Crete says some immunization is better than none, and predicting the timing of the flu is hard.

Regular-dose flu shots will be available, as well as high dose for those age 65 and older.

Vaccine in vial
Vaccine in vial

The CDC is also recommending the nasal flu spray for non-pregnant people from 2-49 years old. It can't predict how bad the flu season will be this year, but does have updated vaccinations to match viruses going around now.

At a news conference Wednesday, Haselow and Jennifer Dillaha, medical director for the department's immunization program, urged Arkansans to get flu shots to protect them from the approaching season, which typically starts in October. CBS DFW reports it is too soon to say, however, that this flu season will be longer than usual. The institution with the highest percentage of vaccination coverage based on undergraduate student population will be presented with a traveling trophy from the NJDOH.

A Centers for Disease Control doctor cautioned that the last flu season proved to be one of the deadliest. An annual seasonal flu vaccine is the best way to help protect against flu. You simply put in your zip code, and the website will map out all the places near you to receive a vaccine and tell you how much it costs at each location. If you are 60 or older, a Finney County resident and haven't gotten your voucher this summer, come by the senior center and get one. Health department appointments are not yet available, but the McHenry County Department of Health will offer flu shots on a limited appointment basis beginning in October. These include life-threatening allergic reactions to a previous dose of the flu vaccine or an ingredient in the vaccine. "This shot has triple the antigens in it, so it gives a better immune response to the flu", Aigner said. However, flu viruses also change, so the vaccines themselves are slightly different from year to year.

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