Amazon could open 3,000 cashierless Go stores by 2021

Amazon may open 3,000 cashierless stores by 2021 - as survey reveals it's now third in online ads

Amazon to open 3,000 brick-and-mortar stores by 2021

Amazon is said to be considering opening 3,000 of its cashierless stores by 2021.

Amazon could build as many as 3,000 high-tech inner-city grocery shops by 2021 under a plan that would rapidly expand its bricks-and-mortar retail operations, it was reported.

Right now, there are three Amazon Go stores in Seattle (7th & Blanchard, 5th & Marion, and 300 Boren Ave N) and one in Chicago. It then opened two more in Seattle, and one Chicago. Amazon also operates or plans to open 18 bookstores, as well as a range of smaller pop-up stores in malls and Kohl's locations. Overhead cameras, weight sensors and deep learning technology detect merchandise that shoppers take from or return to shelves and keep track of the items selected in a virtual cart. Two of the new stores offer only a limited selection of salads, sandwiches and snacks, showing that Amazon is experimenting with the concept simply as a meal-on-the-run option.

Amazon is targeting dense urban areas with lots of young, busy, affluent residents willing to spend a little more than a typical fast-food experience for better quality food, the people said. The original Amazon Go in downtown Seattle required more than $1 million (roughly Rs. 7.2 crores) in hardware alone, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The most recent Amazon Go stores are more like the first in terms of size and offerings. Amazon has committed to opening stores in NY and San Francisco.

If a shopper puts an item back on the shelf, Amazon removes it from his or her virtual cart. "We shall see", Wolf said at the roundtable event.

Essentially using your smartphone as a pass, shoppers must swipe their device at a turnstile in order to enter the store. Fresh prepared foods, however, are supplied via an off-site Amazon facility rather than an in-store kitchen. Customers pick up what they want and are scanned and charged automatically, without having to wait in line for a cashier to physically handle their purchase.

"Amazon is fully aware that they have to be much bigger in consumables and that omnichannel is what's going to work in consumables". The first is on Amazon's campus in Seattle. "The key to success will be convenient locations".

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