Loki, Scarlet Witch Shows In The Works For Disney Streaming Service

Loki Scarlet Witch


Each series will reportedly have between six and eight episodes. While the shows will still technically be part of the Marvel TV division, Marvel Cinematic Universe godfather Kevin Feige "is expected to take a hands-on role in their development". The report also notes that there are plans for other limited series that will feature other Marvel heroes who haven't gotten their own movies. Variety says "budgets are expected to be hefty rivaling those of a major studio production" - which makes sense, because both Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen are likely to play their respective characters.

Marvel previously streamed shows on Netflix - Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, etc - and also produced series for networks such as ABC (Agent Carter) and Freeform (Cloak & Dagger). The same could be said of Olsen's Scarlet Witch who has a tragic past and backstory before finding a home and love within the Avengers setup. Though, if the effects of the snaps are undone in the fourth film, we could still see the Scarlet Witch's story continued in the TV series.

She [Wanda] believes she has twin children- she alters her own reality to believe that, but really she has a miscarriage and Vision goes along with it.

At the present time, there's no word on a production timetable or when we could possibly see the first of these shows premiere.

"Paul Bettany and I joke about how much we'd like to do a House of M spin-off". Humans are despised and treated as second class citizens.

So the real excitement comes at the news of the Scarlet Witch show. When Disney and Marvel set its mind on something, they normally change the world forever. The reluctant hero and sometimes villain has always been one of the most fun characters to watch because of his constant changes in allegiance and unpredictability and should make for some compelling stories in his own TV show.

What do you think? They're rolling cameras on various Disney streaming service-exclusive options, and they'll want to be launching the service with a bounty of content already loaded up and ready to consume.

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