Galaxy Note 9 catches fire inside a woman's purse

Galaxy Note 9 catches fire inside a woman's purse

Galaxy Note 9 catches fire inside a woman's purse

It would appear that yet another Samsung flagship has taken the path of fire, as a Note 9 owner in NY claims their device suddenly went up in flames.

We were dreading a news like this ever since the Galaxy Note 9 was launched and now it's here. "She claims she was trapped alone in the elevator with the burning Galaxy Note 9, and was "extremely panicked".

Samsung's Galaxy Note7 fiasco is something Samsung has tried to put behind it.

For its part, Samsung says it is investigating the matter but that no similar incidents have been reported. She stopped using the phone, and put it in her bag, and soon after there were sounds of whistling and screeching from inside the bag, and thick smoke started pouring out of her purse, the report states.

Back in 2016, Samsung faced a growing crisis after dozens of confirmed reports of exploding batteries inside it's latest phone at the time the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Chung says in her lawsuit, which is filed in the Queens Supreme Court, that she removed the phone by emptying her purse onto an elevator floor, but the fire didn't stop until a passerby picked up the handset with a cloth and placed it into a bucket of water, the newspaper reports. Samsung has tended to use the same design for two generations before changing things up, as was also the case with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 ranges.

The New York Post also confirmed that the woman wants Samsung to pay for all the damages including her purse and her belongings. Samsung dared to integrate a big 4,000mAh battery inside the Galaxy Note 9, and when eyebrows regarding its safety were raised, CEO DJ Koh had to clarify that the Galaxy Note 9's battery is completely safe. The American branch of the South Korean firm acknowledge the receipt of the litigation and said it's now investigating the claim, maintaining that this is the first report of its latest flagship - released three weeks ago - being faulty in any way.

So far, this is only one incident of a Galaxy Note 9 catching fire and it does not necessarily suggest a widespread issue. "Users do not have to worry about the batteries anymore", he said.

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