Woodward book goes on sale as ex-Trump aides push back

New book alleges chaos in Trump White House

Trump urges attorney general to investigate anonymous op-ed

In the book, Woodward cited an alleged phone conversation between Trump and Mattis in which Trump went into an expletive-laden rant against Assad and told Mattis to have him killed.

Trump called it a "work of fiction" last week and sought to discredit Woodward's reputation. "I am proud of my service in the Trump Administration, and I continue to support the President and his economic agenda".

Woodward portrays Trump's White House as chaotic, unpredictable, and full of staffers who disrespect the president and talk behind his back in "Fear" of being overheard.

Donald Trump has threatened to write a "real book" about his presidency - hours before the latest "expose" on his administration hits the shops. The economic adviser also resorted to taking documents off Trump's desk to prevent the president from pulling out of major USA trade deals, the book said.

Woodward said that in the Central Intelligence Agency, agents are taught to "let the silence suck out the truth".

"Fear: Trump In The White House" by Bob Woodward, a respected American journalist (see below), describes how Modi wanted to "bond with Trump" at Camp David. "The narrative that I've picked up, in not only this book but the opinion editorials, suggests that things are happening in spite of the president's leadership, and nothing could be further from the truth". In the book, which has been previewed by The Washington Post, Kelly is said to have called the president an "idiot", while Mattis reportedly compared Trump's intellect to that of a "fifth or sixth grader".

"The Woodward book is a Joke", Trump tweeted on Monday morning. The book will be released on Tuesday. "It's been the same all along", he told journalists.

Mr Woodward told the BBC: "People in the White House they told me, to a certain extent, they spend a third of their time stopping things that are unsafe or not really consistent with a policy to protect the United States and the national security. It gives a date, it gives a time, who participates, most often the president himself and what he says", Woodward said.

According to the book, Trump told his national security aide that U.S. is losing in Afghanistan. Many senior aides have also scrambled to deny they made the comments, claiming they weren't quoted accurately by the investigative reporter. "We don't take it like others - like China", Trump is quoted as saying in the book, during the July 19 situation room meeting. Dems can't stand losing.

Trump Jr. believes the unnamed author behind the op-ed piece published last week by The New York Times is a "low-level person".

But Woodward insisted his book was accurate and said he carefully vetted each description included in the book. "And Mattis goes on and says if we don't keep these programs, which are very sensitive, the only deterrent program we have will be the nuclear option".

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