Google Inbox is being discontinued

Google is Killing Inbox

Google is Shutting Down Inbox | News & Opinion

Inbox was launched in 2014 to serve as an experimental alternative interface to Gmail.

Fans of Google's innovative email app Inbox will have to look elsewhere in the coming months.

But progress on Inbox noticeably slowed, and we can't help but think many users preferred the comfort of Gmail rather than the flashy, if unfamiliar Inbox. Google was pretty adamant about the future of Inbox saying at that time that there's no reason users should be anxious, as the app is here to stay.

Thankfully, Google will keep Inbox plugged in through March 2019, so you at least have a healthy amount of time to get reacquainted with Gmail (Android, iOS) - which has been busily incorporating and expanding upon a number of Inbox features, such as smart replies. "Inbox enthusiasts-some of whom used the app precisely because it wasn't Gmail-will take the news hard, even if Inbox's influence on the current Gmail has been profound". The death of Inbox is not entirely out of the blue - numerous features that made it unique have become part of Gmail over the years. At the time, Google released a statement telling users not worry about the future of Inbox. So they are focusing more on Gmail. Maybe Inbox was doomed from the start, but erase the frustration of Inbox users on this sad day.

Users of Inbox have until March to begin switching back to Gmail instead - Google has provided a handy transition guide to aid this process.

One Inbox by Gmail feature that still hasn't made its way over to the standard Gmail service is the email bundling.

"We know change is hard, so we've created a transition guide to help you switch from Inbox to the new Gmail easily", Izatt added. Let us know in the comment section below.

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