Hurricane Florence threatens millions on US East Coast

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Florence Moves Toward the Carolinas

"The big picture: There are several characteristics of the changing climate that are helping to increase the risks of damage from Hurricane Florence, even though global warming is not directly causing such a storm to spin up". So, the winds will be winding down much quicker near the coast before those winds get up here.

While Hurricane Florence has sparked state of emergency and mass evacuation, a very unfortunate weather graphic has managed to put a smile on those preparing for the storm.

North Carolina has waived transportation rules to help farmers move crops and livestock ahead of the most severe storm to threaten the USA mainland this year.

North Carolina is the country's second-biggest producer of pigs and the looming hurricane sent United States hog futures lower. The more it stalls, the more it rains.

The storm is so large, even central OH could receive rain from the system, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Storm surge is basically a wall of water that could swallow parts of the coast.

While its exact path remains uncertain it is expected to bring huge amounts of rainfall wherever it strikes. Forecasters also were tracking two other disturbances.

He warned people in surrounding areas to "remain vigilant" and expect flash floods at the start of next week. By sunset Thursday and through most of Friday, our area will see the worst of the conditions, he said.

"It's going to coming roaring up to the coast Thursday night and say 'I'm not sure I really want to do this and I'll just take a tour of the coast and decide where I want to go inland,"' said Jeff Masters, meteorology director of the private Weather Underground. So we're going to have delayed impacts from this even after landfall on Friday. But one thing it might actually help is to reduce the overall wind speed, though we're still going to have gusty winds around here which combined with that wet soil could bring down some trees.

The ECU Athletics Department said in a released statement, "A decision was made to relocate the East Carolina University football team to Orlando by bus early Wednesday morning".

Even with some weakening that's predicted just before it makes landfall, the storm "is expected to remain a risky major hurricane as it approaches the coastline", the hurricane center said.

The European computer model has Florence veering before landfall and hovering for a couple days off the coast. Lennon, the chair of the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Department at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, says the biggest mistake during Hurricane Katrina - which claimed 1,833 lives - was that officials only ordered evacuations 24 hours before it hit New Orleans in 2005, and by then it was too late. Tropical storm force winds are rated at 39 to 73.

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