Report CBS CEO in exit talks amid sexual misconduct probe


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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that CBS chief Les Moonves is negotiating with independent directors of CBS' board for a possible exit. Timberlake, the man who ripped Jackson's shirt to begin with. The Federal Communications Commission issued a $550 000 fine to MTV and CBS as producers of the half-time show.

Timberlake was allowed to perform after tearfully apologizing - but Jackson wasn't almost as contrite, fueling Moonves' animosity toward her.

After the notorious "wardrobe malfunction", which would later define Jackson's previously iconic career, Moonves reportedly became obsessed with taking revenge from the singer. Another said that Moonves promised "heads were going to roll as a result of the deal".

CBS declined to comment on HuffPost's report.

Though JT pulled her breast out, Jackson took all the blame and apparently, her apology did not match up to that of Timberlake's. Janet didn't do the same and he then allegedly set out to ruin her career, according to Ali's report.

Jackson, he perceived, was not "sufficiently repentant", and he insisted that all Viacom properties (including MTV, VH1 and countless radio stations) stop playing her music.

Another point of contention in the entire controversy was the discriminatory treatment between the two artists involved.

And for the 2004 Grammies, which CBS broadcast, Moonves initially banned both Jackson and Timberlake from appearing, though he later allowed Timberlake to perform after Timberlake offered a tearful apology.

"How the f-- did she slip through?" However, Moonves wasn't satisfied with this explanation, and he reportedly spent the next decade undercutting Jackson - a spiteful reaction that significantly damaged the female pop singer's career.

Per the report, Moonves continued to hold a grudge against Jackson, and seven years later, when he learned that Jackson signed a book deal with publisher Simon & Schuster, a CBS subsidiary, for her book "True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself" he was incensed. CBS said it would investigate the claims, which Moonves portrayed as "advances", added in a statement that he "never misused my position to harm or hinder anyone's career". Moonves asked while recounting the story to a source who spoke to me.

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