Brett Kavanaugh: Supreme Court pick 'questioned abortion ruling'

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Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings begin

During questioning by senators this week, Kavanaugh said that Roe v. Wade and a subsequent court ruling were settled law, reaffirmed by the Supreme Court many times. The e-mail was obtained as senators were launching a final round of questioning Thursday of President Donald Trump's nominee.

In the hearing, Booker referenced a handful of documents and emails from Kavanaugh's time as a White House counsel, during which Kavanaugh discussed racial profiling among other topics. The document is partially black out.

After more questions from senators on Thursday, the hearing is set to wrap up on Friday with testimony from outside witnesses. Harris said late on the second day of Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing.

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"It was referring to views of legal scholars", Kavanaugh said. Orrin Hatch of Utah, Kavanaugh said, "I don't recall any inappropriate conversations about the investigation".

Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J. called the process "a bit of a sham".

"My process was fair, " Grassley said as he opened the session. The Judiciary Committee is now holding that email on a confidential basis.

So far, Kavanaugh appears to have avoided any major missteps that could block his confirmation. In what nearly seemed like a celebration, Kavanaugh's two daughters returned to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing room for the final hours of testimony, accompanied by teammates on Catholic school basketball teams their father has coached.

Kavanaugh said Thursday that he has not discussed or given any hints about his views of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

And on Wednesday, Klobuchar pointedly used female pronouns to describe the president when she questioned Kavanaugh on hypotheticals about executive power.

Kavanaugh also said Thursday that he doesn't recall conversations of any kind with anyone at the law firm, Kasowitz Benson Torres, but that he doesn't know everyone who might work there.

Yesterday, Senator Patrick Leahy alluded to emails being withheld from the public that might show Kavanaugh perjured himself during 2004 and 2006 Senate hearings.

Grassley himself may have departed for the hearing before the protesters even arrived.

In a very intense exchange, California Sen. He refused to say that the case legalizing abortion was correctly decided, even as he went out of his way to say other decades-old cases, like the 1970s presidential powers case in US v. Nixon, were correct.

Kavanaugh pushed back on that assumption and suggested the sentence be deleted. Richard Blumenthal of CT to pledge to step aside from any Supreme Court cases dealing with Trump and Mueller's investigation.

At times during Day One of questioning, Democrats brought up decades-old cases and engaged in in-the-weeds legal debates with Kavanaugh. It's the courthouse in the District of Columbia.

Later, Kavanaugh said he would like to know the specific person Harris was thinking of.

"It was a gut punch for me, " he said, and he was "shocked, disappointed, angry".

Feinstein had an opportunity to ask Kavanaugh about the newly released email and what he meant by it.

The email was actually a chain between Kavanaugh and other Bush administration officials.

He added: "The public has a right to access documents about a Supreme Court nominee's views on issues that are profoundly important, such as race and the law". A lawyer for former president George W. Bush provided 415,000 pages of documents last week, but the Trump administration made a decision to withhold 100,000 pages from the Senate under executive privilege.

Hirono later released the documents, about programs for Native Hawaiians, on Twitter. Lee complained that Booker was relying on an unreleased e-mail to question Kavanaugh's openness to racial profiling by police, but then agreed to work for its release.

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