Investigation continues into sudden death of Australian model on yacht in Greece

Sinead McNamara.         Source Instagram

Sinead McNamara. Source Instagram

Sinead McNamara was working as a crew member on the Mayan Queen IV when she died on board the ship early on Friday.

Only the boat's crew were on board when Ms McNamara was found unconscious and "tangled in ropes" at the rear of the boat, The Australian newspaper reported.

Her mother, Kylie, was heading to Greece when she was told her daughter died, The Australian reported.

The cause of her death remains unclear, with many outlets reporting conflicting stories about the circumstances in which she was found.

Authorities said Bailleres and his family left the boat 48 hours before McNamara's death.

Attempts "were made to revive her at the scene, but she fell into a coma and died while being airlifted from the island hospital at Argostoli to a larger hospital in Athens", reports The Daily Telegraph.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is providing consular assistance to Ms McNamara's family.

Originally from Port Macquarie in New South Wales, Ms McNamara was a Sydney-based social media influencer who had been working on the vessel as it sailed around Europe over the summer.

In early August, she posted a photo stating: "I can't believe this fairy tale is nearly over".

Days before the tragedy, Ms McNamara had posted about how excited she was to have her family visit. "Excitement is an understatement".

She posted on Facebook on August 26: "Happy birthday to the most fantastic big sister I could ever ask for, 5 days till I get to see you!"

"My head is all over the shop today", she wrote, along with emojis of a volcano, a tornado and a needle with blood dripping from it.

"Rest In Peace you gorgeous girl, life is so unfair", wrote @lilyrobinson.

Grecian authorities are investigating the death of the popular model who has over 12, 000 followers.

Under a photo of the model, Hayes reminded his 650,000 followers: "Life is so precious gone was too soon. Rest in Peace you lovely soul".

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