Smaller (Cheaper) Pixel 3 LEAK Confirms Many, MANY Specs

Image Android Police

Image Android Police

Some poor Lyft driver reportedly finds a prototype Pixel 3 XL in the back of his vehicle and unlike days gone by the tale generates little attention. Back in 2010, an iPhone prototype was left in a bar, and that's how the world learned everything there was to know about its design a few months before the phone's launch. Alligator returned the phone to the original owner a few minutes later. This time around, the Pixel 3 XL was left in what could very well be the most ridiculous location yet - at the back of a Lyft.

There's the big notch, the dual-lens front-facing camera, the bezel housing a speaker below the screen, and the two-tone back with a single-lens camera and a rear-facing fingerprint scanner. At first, he thought maybe it's his Google Pixel 2 XL but then realized that it has a notch. In a separate set of leaks, two smartphone models that have been registered by Google have been spotted on the FCC website.

The shots of the device line up with pretty much everything that's been leaked so far.

Did an employee royally mess up, or is this a publicity stunt by Google? He rounded the edges of a 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 2160 × 1080 pixels. It's worth noting that not a lot many smartphones come with variable aperture cameras. A Pixel 3 XL goes on camera every day now. It looks a lot like the outgoing Pixel 2 XL, which is to say a little conservative and a little boring.

As for a release date, we expect the next generation Pixel phone to be on the shelves by the end of October after Google holds a special event to announce it on October 4.

The battery is a 2915mAh cell and that will run along as Snapdragon 845 CPU and Qualcomm's Adreno 630 GPU, as well as 4GB of RAM.

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