Wildfire Insurance Bill Signed by California Governor

Gov. Brown Signs Bail Reform Bill

Gov. Brown signs bill eliminating bail for suspects awaiting trial

Governor Jerry Brown signed a sweeping reform into law on Tuesday. Judy Woodruff interviews Marisa Lagos of public television station KQED, which has covered the story. But it faced heavy opposition from the bail industry and some former supporters of the bill, who said significant amendments to the final version would unjustly expand the number of suspects in pretrial detention.

"[It] does a good job balancing public safety and victim's rights with the ability to have a fair system where people are held in custody not based on how deep their pockets are but risk assessment", said Stephan.

Advocates of abolishing bail contend that too many defendants remain stuck in custody because they can not afford to bail out, effectively creating unequal justice based on wealth.

These same arguments have been heard in other states that have undertaken bail reform, notably New Jersey, which all but abolished cash bail past year.

"SB 10 puts all Californians on equal footing before the law and makes public safety the only consideration in pretrial detention". But high-risk evaluations - those having previously violated conditions of release; having been arrested for a violent felony, or sex crime; having a third DUI within 10 years; or being already on probation - would not be eligible for pre-trial release. After going through the booking process, you can either be bailed out or wait in jail until you can see a judge.

Others, meanwhile, argue it will allow unsafe people to go free and perhaps not return for trial.

The new law takes effect in October 2019. That's exactly what has happened with the hot-button topic of bail reform, as the full Assembly narrowly passed Senate Bill 10 last week.

With someone's release now determined by individualized factors including current charges and prior convictions, pretrial freedom is no longer exclusively for the most well-heeled criminal defendants.

Her decision has caused political uproar.

California will end the cash bail system in a sweeping reform for the state.

AB 1797 by Assemblyman Marc Levine, D-Marin County, is expected to create a requirement for insurers writing residential property insurance to conduct a replacement cost estimate on an every other year basis. That time can be extended by 12 hours if necessary.

Some criminal justice reform advocates worry defendants will spend weeks in jail while their lawyers try to prove they should be set free.

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