NHC: 50% chance of weather system developing into tropical depression

Ala Moana Center reopened Saturday to large crowds after closing due to Hurricane Lane

Ala Moana Center reopened Saturday to large crowds after closing due to Hurricane Lane

According to Met Éireann, however, reports of a tropical storm headed Ireland's way in the coming weeks are somewhat premature, for the time being at least and likely to be wide of the mark.

Most of the reliable computer models, along with NHC, continue to suggest this system will intensify through the weekend and early next week as it moves WNW through the Tropical Atlantic (within the East Coast swell window).

The National Hurricane Center is monitoring what it calls Potential Tropical Cyclone Six in the far Atlantic.

Storm Ophelia - a tropical revolving storm which hit Ireland's south coast - evolved from the strongest eastern Atlantic hurricane in a century.

The government of the Cabo Verde Islands has issued a tropical storm warning for the southern islands of Santiago, Fogo and Brava. In the short term, the system is just forecast to bring tropical storm conditions to the Cabo Verde Islands, but it will eventually strengthen.

Invest 90L, which is moving off the coast of Senegal, has an 80 percent chance of forming into a tropical system as it moves west or northwest at 15 miles per hour. The system was moving west at about 12 miles per hour. Strong wind shear can prevent a tropical storm from forming or may cause a hurricane to weaken.

"As things stand right now, this looks to be a disturbance that will simply enhance daily rainfall coverage across Florida around Labor Day - an outcome that could lead to localized flooding in spots thanks to already soaked soil from recent heavy rains", Tyler Eliasen added.

There is a high chance that this will develop into a tropical cyclone Friday as it moves west.

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