Facebook rolls out its Youtube-like 'Watch' video service for all

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Facebook Watch icon has been added in shortcuts bar or the “More” bookmark on iOS and Android devices

Facebook Watch will offer an YouTube-like experience where users can comment and react to videos on real time. Watch also supports saving a video for later viewing.

Technology giant Facebook has announced its Watch video-on-demand service across the world. It comes despite claims that the feature has fallen flat in the United States, with many users ignoring. All shows on Facebook Watch are original and only available to Facebook users. It is also a collection of recent videos from subscribed pages while users can save the videos from their News feed and watch later.

"Every month more than 50 million people in the USA come to watch videos for at least a minute on Watch, and total time spent watching video on Facebook Watch has increased by 14 times since the start of 2018". That might seem a little stingy at first, but Facebook Watch potentially gives them access to an audience some 1.5 billion-strong. Obviously, the goal is to help you find new videos to watch, ranging from sports and news to entertainment, and your feed will be personalized to match your interests.

Previously, only Facebook-selected publishers were given the nod to advertise within their videos, but now if content creators meet a specific set of metrics they too can pop ads in their videos. Through the use of its Ad Breaks service, users in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and USA can make money from their videos; more countries will be added in due course.

Until now, it hasn't actually been easy for everyone to find the dedicated Watch section of Facebook, but the company has started to make that easier by making a shortcut easier to find.

However, Facebook head of video Fidji Simo included some numbers today in a company blog post today by way of explaining how serious Facebook is about this next front in its evolution.

"Watch" is available on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Xbox One and Oculus TV.

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