Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes O.J. Simpson In ‘Who Is America?’ Finale

Who Is America

Sacha Baron Cohen says he and guest O.J. Simpson are 'ladykillers' on Who Is America? finale

Sacha Baron Cohen has proven over his time on Who Is America that he's a man with a lot of balls. The season finale, screening tonight, features none other than OJ Simpson. Monaldo fails to elicit a confession from Simpson, who says that he "didn't "get away" with nothing". After Simpson said he'd have to introduce him to his late lawyer in the afterlife, Gio replied, "What?" I don't remember the details, I was still mourning the death of Kurt Cobain.

After Cohen's pretend girlfriend left, Simpson told the fake interviewer she was "gorgeous". Tongue firmly in cheek, I suspect.

Gio told Simpson that they have at least one thing in common: They're both "lady killers".

Finally, Cohen's character says his business partner would like a one-on-one meeting with Simpson.

The interview ended with some on-the-surface sympathy from Cohen's character: "You're not O.J. the touchdown".

The pal, Monaldo claims, wants to know what happened to "the wife" Simpson "shot".

Cohen's character then proceeded to give Simpson a high-five. Gio and Simpson even laughingly suggested a bungee cord plot to kill Gio's gf. He added: "I want to send her on a private helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon - oops-a-daisy".

In case you are a mere tween, totally ignorant or were fortunately sheltered from the heart-wrenching spectacle of the OJ Simpson case, we'll sum it up briefly.

Simpson insisted he only wanted to retrieve personal mementos and items that were stolen from him following his acquittal in Los Angeles in the 1994 slayings of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

Although he was acquitted, the sportsman-turned-actor was found civilly liable for the killings in 1997 and ordered by a California court to pay $33.5 million to his ex-wife and Ron's families. The former Buffalo Bills player was released on parole in October last year after spending nine years in prison for his role in a 2007 armed robbery at a Las Vegas hotel.

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