CDPR drops 48 minutes of Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay footage

Cyberpunk 2077 Is Playable From Start To Finish Internally

CD Projekt Red Has Released New Concept Art for Cyberpunk 2077

A robust character creator will allow players to choose V's gender, visual appearance, character class, as well as historical background - all of which may influence the shape of the game.

Stay tuned to IGN for much more on Cyberpunk, including a breakdown of the footage now revealed for the entire world to see. It's something of a guided demo where a narrator walks us through what we're seeing on screen, explaining the game's various systems as we go along.

This gameplay mirrors the game's source material, Cyberpunk 2020, a tabletop roleplaying game in the style of DnD. In fact, the game was first revealed way back in 2012, so we've been waiting quite some time for Cyberpunk 2077 to arrive. With the ocular implant, players can identify the strength of opponents and inspect items for imperative details to their quest.

The reasoning for this is that CD PROJEKT RED announced during its Gamescom 2018 presentation for Cyberpunk 2077 that a former Counter-Strike professional player has been working with the development team to create superb gun gameplay for players, according to a report by You can be male or female, choose your backstory, modify your face and body, and customize your initial attributes (like a pen and paper RPG).

The game is action-packed and story-driven, with a multitude of ways for users to approach situations, battles, and even mundane events. "Animation glitches, work-in-progress character facial expressions, early versions of locations - all this made us hesitant to release what you're about to see".

"However, we are also well aware that many of you want to see what the media saw".

Below you can find a 48 minute gameplay presentation, which in broad strokes mirrors the presentation we based our preview from this year's E3 on.

"What we're releasing today was recorded from a game deep in development." - says Adam Badowski, Cyberpunk 2077 Game Director and CD PROJEKT RED Head of Studio. (You can read our full preview here.) We gave it our staff E3 2018 Game of the Show. Hopefully we don't have to wait long to know when Cyberpunk 2077 will hit shelves.

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