Democrats Demand Oversight on Cohen Plea, Presidential Pardons

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Impeach me and the market crashes - Trump

Trump also added that people who are being prosecuted, decide to cooperate with the government and lie in exchange for a lenient sentence.

Michael Cohen's guilty plea this week raised questions about President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump praised White House defender who was sacked for sexual harassment: report Cohen's father said he didn't survive Holocaust to have his name "sullied" by Trump: report NYT: Trump after Cohen plea mused, 'How did we end up here?' MORE's involvement in an illegal campaign-finance scheme.

Trump said on Twitter on Wednesday that the campaign finance violations to which Cohen pleaded guilty were "not a crime", even though prosecutors and Cohen agreed that they were.

The money was allegedly paid to buy their silence during Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump made the comments as his White House struggled to manage the fallout from Cohen's plea deal and the conviction of Trump's former campaign chairman Manafort on financial charges.

Cohen said that Trump directed him to make the payments "for the principal objective of influencing the election".

When feckless and incompetent Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian Federation investigation, Robert Mueller was named the Special Counsel in May of 2017, life has been miserable for Donald Trump.

Baier pressed Dershowitz on why Cohen made these accusations against Trump in the first place.

The president boasted about his economic accomplishments, claiming that the economy of the country was going to be plummted if he had not been elected to steer the country.

His replacement, Vice President Gerald Ford, a decent and respected man, helped put the GOP back on course. It could also spur others in Trump's orbit to talk to investigators.

Democrats who have grown giddy about taking the House should consider what a campaign to bring down a president, who is supported by a huge swath of the nation and has fighting allies in the press, would be like.

Hence the November midterm elections loom as much more important than usual, with turnout in both parties key to whether the Trump reign of chaos and mutual animosity will be halted, slowed or licensed to continue on its merry way for another two years.

"They didn't come out of the campaign and that's big", Trump said in an interview with Fox News. If the money was spent to protect Trump's campaign from embarrassment, these were de facto campaign contributions and should have been treated as such.

Davis's response was significant because Cohen's previous denials of any knowledge of Russian collusion could expose him to a further felony charge and additional prison time if he now says something else to Mueller.

"And I don't know what it will be", he said.

Confusion over the web address for the page,, led someone to anonymously register a shorter version,, that redirects to Mr. Trump's re-election campaign website.

Even though Trump is president number 45, courts in the United States have never had to even entertain the thought that a president could pardon himself. And impeachment isn't the only way this presidency could end if there were proof that the president had engaged in criminal misconduct before or after he took office.

Impeachable offenses are vaguely defined in the Constitution as "high crimes and misdemeanors" and, in practical reality, are up for Congress to decide.

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