Smoky skies, bad air from wildfires cover Northwest

Hazy Skies

The entire province of Manitoba is under hazy skies as smoke from the BC Wildfires comes east

"Local smoke levels may vary based on wind direction and fire characteristics but, until a significant change in the provincial weather pattern occurs, widespread air quality improvements are not expected". Air quality statements have been issued for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as well as northwestern Ontario.

Officials recommend staying inside with windows closed and air conditioners set to recirculate. "When you get into red, you're talking about unhealthy for everyone".

"We are disappointed that we can't see the mountains and the whole city, because our relatives live here and tell us how pretty it is, and we're missing it", Bev Harris said.

The air quality is considered unhealthy for everyone for much of King and Pierce counties, according to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.

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And if that wasn't bad enough, ash started falling from Tacoma to Seattle and beyond Monday night. The haze will worsen late Sunday and on Monday but sun should return on Tuesday.

The poor air quality can be especially risky for people with preexisting heart conditions.

There have been more than two dozen such alerts since 2015, with more than half of them attributed to wildfire smoke.

According to the DEQ the air quality Monday has been moderate and unhealthy for sensitive groups.

The unhealthy level on the Air Quality Index means that everyone could experience health effects, with possibly more serious health issues for children, seniors and people with medical conditions. The ban covers Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and Port Orchard, among other locations.

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