Huawei Nova 3 Smartphone Commercial Shows Fake Selfies Taken by DSLR

Huawei Nova 3

Huawei does it again, passes off a professional photo as a selfie from its new phone

Huawei reacted to the controversy, saying the ad never outright claims that the picture was shot on Nova 3 smartphone.

The Nova 3 and the Nova 3i take a lot of inspiration from the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, if you were to talk about looks and feel.

"The product images and the contents are provided for reference only". Elshamy inadvertently revealed as much on her Instagram account where she posted a series of behind-the-scenes images from the ad campaign.

With dual front 24MP+2MP camera, the latest AI enabled smartphone offers stunning AI selfies.

That's definitely not a selfie captured with either the Huawei nova 3 or nova 3i. However, an observant user on Reddit posted on Sunday that the photos promoted in the commercial were likely faked.

A tiny, fine-print disclosure about lenses and retouches appears on the Apple ads; that's not the case with Huawei's ad-and the Huawei photo was clearly not taken on a Huawei phone at all.

"Still, it'd be nice if Huawei would stick to advertising its phone based on the strength of what it can actually do - which is probably impressive enough, even without fakery - instead of hiding its capabilities behind marketing smoke and mirrors", another tech blog, the Verge, said in its post. In an earlier Huawei fake photo incident, the Chinese company was caught photoshopping out the bezels on renderings of the P8.

In 2016, Huawei used a photograph of a girl standing in the sunlight to sell their P9 smartphone. We, as photographers, love behind-the-scenes images, and this one is both informative and hilarious.

The advertisement does not explicitly state that the featured pictures were taken by the Nova 3, but the appearance of crosshairs and the "AI" text on the photos made heavy implications. Just this past week, Samsung Brazil was caught trying to pass stock photos off as photos taken with the Galaxy A8. It's all about the recently outed nova 3 and nova 3i, and as far as smartphone commercials go, at first blush it's nothing out of the ordinary.

What's more concerning is that the general population who aren't aware of these marketing strategies might think that the Nova 3 is capable of capturing such great pictures.

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