Asia Argento withdraws from Dutch music festival role

Spokesman of US-led coalition against IS group'A lot of IS group fighters are underground                         Read more

Spokesman of US-led coalition against IS group'A lot of IS group fighters are underground Read more

The plot thickens. Asia Argento is a talented actress, and her name became infamous a year ago when she stepped forward to admit that Harvey Weinstein raped her. Argento was a leader in the #MeToo movement, but now, she's getting Me Too'd.

Actress and #MeToo campaign figurehead Asia Argento has denied having any sexual interactions with actor Jimmy Bennett, days after the New York Times reported she paid him United States dollars $380,000 to settle his accusation of sexual assault out of court.

Argento, who has alleged that film producer Harvey Weinstein raped her, said in a statement Tuesday that she was linked "in friendship only" to Jimmy Bennett, a now 22-year-old Los Angeles actor who filed a legal notice of intent to sue Argento.

Argento and Bennett in 2013. The paper also obtained a photograph dated May 9, 2013 that showed the two lying in a bed together. HuffPost was not able to verify the authenticity of the photo or texts. He has been a staunch supporter of Argento following her allegations against Weinstein.

Mira Sorvino, another #MeToo figure, tweeted Tuesday night that she was "reeling" and "heartsick" about the claims and wrote: "Time will clarify things and perhaps she will be exonerated, but if true, there is no lens that makes it better".

"I am deeply shocked and hurt by having read news that is absolutely false", her statement opened.

Her statement said Bennett knew Bourdain and "perceived" that he was wealthy with a reputation to protect. Bennett threatened her with legal action and in April she settled for $380,000, paid by her then-boyfriend Anthony Bourdain. We made a decision to deal compassionately with Bennett's demand for help and to give it to him. "Anthony personally undertook to help Bennett economically, upon the condition that we would no longer suffer any further intrusions in our life".

The actress says she is being maligned even though she is innocent and truthful. Argento added that she wasn't aware of Bennett being underage - it's a crime in California for an adult to have sex with anyone under age 18, and the incident took place in Marina del Rey - and she insisted, "The horny kid jumped me". My heart is broken. "I didn't know he was a minor until the shakedown letter", it says. My trauma resurfaced as she came out as a victim herself. She believes her rejection led to being "iced" out of future work. Looking at the possibility of life behind bars from sex crimes indictments by a NY grand jury and numerous rape investigations in Los Angeles and the UK, Weinstein is battling hard to have Judd's civil lawsuit against him tossed out.

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