First lady Melania Trump speaks out against cyberbullying

Fashion Notes Melania Trump Glows in Green Ralph Lauren Sweater Sneakers					19 Aug 2018

Fashion Notes Melania Trump Glows in Green Ralph Lauren Sweater Sneakers 19 Aug 2018

She unveiled her Be Best campaign, focused on the needs of children, in May.

During the first lady's remarks, she said that social media services such as Twitter and Facebook "can be destructive and harmful if used incorrectly". Only last week he prompted a new furor by referring to former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman as "that dog" - a term many found to be racist and misogynistic.

The swing through Africa will be the farthest Mrs. Trump has traveled on her own since becoming first lady in January 2017.

"She's addressed this before".

USA first lady Melania Trump (L) listens to University of Texas student Joseph Grunwald recount how he was bullied in high school during a Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention summit.

"She is aware of the criticism but it will not deter her from doing what she feels is right".

Her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, said the first lady chose Africa as the destination for her first big solo global trip after she learned about some of the development programs that are underway in many of its countries.

"She has asked him to tone down his tweeting", the CNN contributor explained.

She has acknowledged both the positive and negative impacts of social media.

At the summit, the first lady warned against "destructive and harmful" cyberbullying on social media, saying children must be taught to use online platforms responsibly and positively. "In addition to sharing their 15 beliefs for how to be healthy and safe online, they each showed me individual projects representing their thoughts and ideas on what responsible behavior means to them", she said as she encouraged other companies to establish similar programs for children.

"Most children are more aware of the pitfalls and benefits of social media than adults", said the first lady, saying that adults should be more willing to talk openly with children in order to "help them navigate this often hard topic".

Without a hint of irony, she told the crowd: "Let's face it, most children are more aware of the benefits and pitfalls of social media than some adults, but we still need to do all we can to provide them with information and tools for successful and safe online habits".

"I think he hears me".

More recently, Trump's policy director, Reagan Hedlund, a former Hill staffer and National Security Council executive assistant tasked with leading the first lady's initiatives, left her job on what was already a small staff.

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