President Trump Reportedly Asked Jeff Sessions to Have Omarosa Arrested

Rudy Giuliani blasts Omarosa warns Robert Mueller against making Russia probe a 'bigger joke' by having her testify

Trump Hires Harder, Hunk Hogan's Gawker-Toppling Lawyer, In Dispute Against Omarosa

Tom Arnold, promoting a Viceland show about hunting for "the Trump tapes", sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday's Kimmel Live, and he said Omarosa Manigault Newman is right - there is tape of President Trump using the N-word.

In her new book, "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House", Manigault-Newman divulged a litany of private remarks she claims Trump made during the first year of his administration.

"He is such a f**kup". Manigault Newman told MSNBC's Craig Melvin that she interpreted the offer as one of hush money.

On the recording, campaign aide Lara Trump, the president's daughter-in-law, can be heard discussing salary considerations and other aspects of a campaign job with Manigault Newman and makes clear that she expects her to be positive about the president. Your client does not have a viable legal claim merely because unspecified truthful statements in the Book may embarrass the president or his associates.

"You want to put that face on the twenty-dollar bill?"

Newman did not offer any concrete evidence in her book to back up her claims. "There's always going to be a resource challenge because we're talking about a billionaire that has the ability to spin whatever he needs to spin and has the pulpit of the American people", Phillips said.

"You're releasing all the singles, when we're waiting for the album", he said, asking whether Manigault-Newman's staggered approach to contradicting the White House's denials with recorded proof was a long-term strategy.

"I did take an Uber - straight to the airport", she wrote in the book.

Trump acknowledged Monday that the occupant of the Oval Office should perhaps not engage in a public war of words with an ex-employee, saying he knows "it's "not presidential" to take on "a lowlife like Omarosa".

A former contestant on Mr Trump's reality TV show, The Apprentice, Ms Manigault Newman was one of Mr Trump's most prominent African-American supporters during his campaign. "I think you'd be awesome doing that".

The series will also feature Arnold meeting with Mark Burnett, executive producer of "The Apprentice", Ari Emmanuel, American Media CEO David Pecker and Mr. Trump's former business associate Felix Sater in addition to several investigative journalists. In it, Manigault Newman describes the recorded conversation as being a conference call held on October 11, 2016. Unlike numerous other hosts who have interviewed Omarosa in recent days, Noah didn't fall for her carefully-practiced remorse; instead, he reminded Omarosa that when she accepted the job, she willfully ignored a mountain of evidence suggesting that Trump was a shady dude.

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