Perseid meteor shower peaks Saturday, Sunday nights

Perseid meteor shower on Qatar sky next Sunday

This Weekend Is The Perseid Meteor Show - Viewing Conditions Will Be Perfect

But in order to enjoy the sight of "shooting stars", clear skies are necessary.

The best time to view the Perseids would be after midnight each night, as that is when the greatest number of meteors will be visible. This year, the viewing opportunities are about as good as they can get.

Unfortunately, it's expected to be mostly cloudy for most of us at that time.

The meteors will appear to originate from the constellation Perseus which will be in the northeast sky.

NASA scientists advise that although they can be seen any time after 10 p.m., the best time to spot a flurry of meteors will be during the darkest part of the night, in the early hours before dawn, from 11 first light.

For stargazers experiencing cloudy or light-polluted skies, a live broadcast of the Perseid meteor shower will be available via Ustream overnight on August 11-12 and August 12-13, beginning at 10 p.m. EDT.

Here in Dubois County, stargazing conditions will be good during most of the weekend.

Every August, the Earth passes through the debris field of the comet Swift-Tuttle.

The most prime viewing will take place on Sunday night, anytime after 10pm through the overnight.

The shower will be visible all over the United Kingdom, as long as the skies are clear.

What exactly is a meteor shower?

Because of this, meteor rates could be as high as 200 per hour.

Allow about 45 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark. Smoke from the California wildfires that now covers parts of the western US may create hazy sky conditions capable of significantly dimming bright stars - and bright meteors.

You'll need to get away from city lights and move to a low-lit area. NASA will also be streaming a view of the sky from the NASA Meteor Watch Facebook Page.

"That's pretty active", he said when asked if that's a lot for a meteor shower.

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