More than 100 shooting stars expected in weekend’s Perseid meteor shower peak


Where to watch meteor shower in UAE next week

While meteors from the Perseids have passed over Earth since the end of July and are expected to continue until late August, the ideal dates for viewing are between Saturday, August 11 and Monday, August 13, with the latter being the best of the three, Cooke says.

Forecasters expect the peak to occur the nights of August 11 and 12.

The Perseids have presented a scintillating display for 2,000 years, according to NASA.

The Perseids meteor shower will be at its peak over Vietnam after midnight on Monday (August 13), but stargazers can watch it in the predawn hours from Saturday, according to the Vietnam Amateur Astronomers Club.

While this weekend is the peak, Twarog predicts the showers will last through August 24.

If you live in an urban area, you might want to take a drive to avoid city lights, which can make the meteor shower seem faint. Meteors can appear anywhere in the sky so try and find an open area, away from street lights. The radiant point of the shower, which is the spot where the meteors tend to originate, is in the constellation Perseus. The comet Swift-Tuttle orbits the sun once every 133 years, so every August, the Earth passes through the comet's debris field. The best time to view the meteor shower is between 1AM and 3AM.

This year you'll be able to see up to 60-80 meteors per hour - for about one meteor per minute - up from last year's rate of 40-50 (in case anyone is counting).

The shower that we see from Earth is the little bits of ice and dust - that are usually no bigger than a pea - hitting the Earth's atmosphere at a staggering 134,000 miles per hour. The longer you're outside in the dark, the better your vision of the meteors will be. As the cosmic junk - many the size of a grain of sand - enters the atmosphere, it burns up in a flash, appearing as "shooting stars" across the sky. Your rooftop may not be the best solution, especially if you're in downtown (you need to get as far away from light pollution as possible). Our advice? Bring a rug, a flask of tea (or, you know, whiskey - pick your poison) and some insect repellent, and get gazing.

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