Lombok quake: Victims 'buried alive' as number of dead rises to 131

What Caused Massive Magnitude-7 Indonesian Earthquake

Nearly 100 feared dead after earthquake rocks popular Indonesian tourist destination

Lombok had already been hit on 29 July by a 6.4 magnitude quake that killed 17 people and briefly stranded several hundred trekkers on the slopes of a volcano. CBS2's Ben Tracy reports. Two holidaymakers died on the largest of the three, Gili Trawangan, where buildings suffered extensive damage.

In the north of Lombok, the earthquake's epicentre, rescuers were holding out hope that more people would be pulled alive from the wreckage of thousands of buildings that collapsed.

"In some villages we visited the destruction was nearly 100%, all houses collapsed, roads are cracked and bridges were broken", said Arifin Muhammad Hadi, a spokesman for the Indonesian Red Cross.

The quake has left at least 131 dead and devastated much of the infrastructure in Lombok.

Soldiers have pulled a man alive from the rubble of a large mosque flattened by an natural disaster, killing at least 105 people on the Indonesian island of Lombok, while thousands of homeless villagers waited for aid on Tuesday and stranded tourists camped at beaches and in the lobbies of damaged hotels.

Rescue workers were also digging under the rubble of a mosque in the north of the island shattered by Sunday's 6.9 magnitude quake, hopeful that at least one of four people trapped inside was still alive.

Indonesia's disaster mitigation agency put the death toll from Sunday's 6.9-magnitude quake at 131, including two on the western neighbouring island of Bali.

He added 80 percent of buildings had been damaged or destroyed. The number of victims was unknown. In December 2004, a magnitude-9.1 quake off Sumatra island triggered a tsunami that killed 230,000 people in a dozen countries.

The agency said the figure was expected to rise.

The other two recorded at 4.5 magnitude according to USGS.

Injured victims rest at a makeshift hospital in Pemenang, the day after a 6.9 magnitude natural disaster struck the area.

Almost 1,500 people have been injured, with 156,000 displaced after the tremors caused extensive damage to their homes. He said tens of thousands of houses had collapsed. "The customers managed to escape, but he himself didn't", Sahril said.

The quake struck at a shallow depth of 6 miles.

The island is popular with tourists and now about 1,000 foreign visitors have been evacuated to nearby islands. "The whole place we were in just shook".

Bali has also sustained damage, where two were confirmed dead after tremors struck. On Lombok, soldiers and other rescuers carried injured people on stretchers and carpets to evacuation centres.

"Where should we go if we have no house anymore, nowhere to live?" "Many of us screamed hysterically".

Montgomery-Lay said she was in touch with the Canadian Consulate in Jakarta, but she was told there was nothing they could do at that point.

"There has been no help at all here", said 36-year-old Multazam, staying with hundreds of others under tarpaulins on a dry paddy field outside West Pemenang village.

At least 4,600 foreign and Indonesian tourists also have been evacuated from three smaller islands off Lombok's coast so far, Mr Nugroho said. "All the locals were frantically running and screaming, putting on lifejackets".

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