Android Pie REVEALED: Google unveils latest OS, out NOW on Pixel phones

Google Pixel 2 with logo

Another Google Pixel 3 leak suggests the phone will launch with super-powered specs

App actions is also a core part of this release that tries to predict what you will do next and display that action on the screen. This is a quick way to get from the beta to stable Android 9.

In true Essential fashion, the company is rolling out the Android Pie update to its only device; the PH1.

Google has finally announced that the final version of Android P will be called Pie. Be sure to check back for our full impressions of Android 9 Pie later this week.

YouTube creators and marketing agencies use Famebit as a middle ground to coordinate sponsored content. Brandon Lee of AndroidPolice and YouTube channel This is Tech Today identified a posting on Famebit requesting promotion for the Pixel 3.

And gadget fans have just been given their first idea of when to expect the new Google flagship.

Google explained: "Say it's Tuesday morning and you're preparing for your commute: you'll be suggested actions like navigating to work on Google Maps or resuming an audiobook with Google Play Books".

Slices: Interactive snippets of your favorite apps can be surfaced in different places, like Google Search. Unfortunately there's no word on when the phones will actually be available, but in the past we've seen Google release it in the same month so there's a good chance that this could happen again.

Google said: "While much of the time we spend on our phones is useful, many of us wish we could disconnect more easily and free up time for other things".

"So we've been working to add key capabilities right into Android to help people achieve the balance with technology they're looking for".

Google's focus with the new version of Android was to have the operating system react more intelligently to users by learning about their habits and automatically adapting the battery, brightness, and apps to suit their needs depending on where they are and what time it is. With Digital Wellbeing, Google wants Android users to take better control of their screen time and will come with controls that will let you limit your screen time across applications and wind down at time.

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