Trump Pushes Back on Cohen's Claim He Knew About Trump Tower Meeting

Pressure mounting former Trump'fixer turns aggressive

Cohen: Trump approved 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians

CNN reports that Mr Cohen is willing to give such evidence to special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating interference in the election by Russian Federation.

Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting, which was also attended by then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Trump adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner, has raised significant questions about whether the campaign colluded with Russian Federation during the election. "A particular focus will be Trump Jr.'s initial statement about the meeting, which turned out to be false, and which the president dictated from Air Force One while returning from Europe".

But Trump Jr., the president and White House aides insisted that President Trump had no knowledge of the meeting beforehand, wasn't told about it at the time, and first learned about it only a year later when approached about it by the New York Times.

Moreover, should Cohen choose to cooperate with investigators, including Mueller, it's not clear what information he has that they could not gather for themselves or have not already learned on their own.

According to CNN and NBC, Mr Cohen does not have any audio recordings to support his account but is willing to assert it as part of the ongoing investigations into Russian election interference.

Mueller has already indicted 31 people - including 12 Russian intelligence agents - for hacking computer networks of the Democratic Party.

Fox reports that the claim about the meeting was one of the "most valuable potential pieces of information" Cohen possessed.

Joy Behar found it "hilarious" that Rudy Giuliani is now calling the President's longtime lawyer a serial liar, saying both Cohen and Trump are taking cues from Roy Cohn's playbook.

McDougal's story was never published and she is now suing American Media. The Trump-Cohen discussion was essentially about reimbursing that company, run by David Pecker, a friend of Trump, to acquire the rights.

Previously Trump has denied knowing in advance that the meeting was going to take place, and he has denied that there was any collusion between his campaign and Russian Federation.

The New York Times reported Thursday about the Mueller investigation's interest in the president's tweets.

In an interview last month with ABC News, Giuliani said the Trump team's recollection of the meeting "keeps changing".

Lanny Davis, Cohen's lawyer and a columnist for The Hill, said Cohen routinely recorded conversations instead of taking notes.

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Cohen, who worked as the top lawyer at the Trump Organization for several years, often referred to himself as Trump's "fixer".

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