Facebook blocks Alex Jones for 30 days

Alex Jones

Alex Jones

On Thursday, it removed the videos after reviewing them.

It wasn't immediately clear what specific content was contained in the four videos removed by Facebook, but CNET notes that several of the exact same videos removed by YouTube are no longer up on Jones' Facebook page either. On the other hand, YouTube issues strikes to whole channels: in Jones' most recent case, he's banned from live streaming on his channel for 90 days. Another video, titled "How To Prevent Liberalism", depicted a man shoving a young boy to the ground, while in the fourth video Jones compared the creators of a show featuring animated drag queens to Satanists.

The penalty from the social media giant comes after Jones - known for his right-wing Infowars network - repeatedly violated Facebook's community standards, which prohibit content that incites bullying or attacks based on religious affiliation or gender identity.

Facebook has taken action against Jones, suspending him for violating a numbers of its policies against hate speech and bullying. Facebook, however, also sent Jones a warning notice for the Infowars page, where he is a moderator.

CNN reported last week that the InfoWars Facebook page has skirted a number disciplinary measures that Facebook has in place to enforce its community guidelines.

The parents of two children who died in the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting sued Jones for defamation in April, accusing him and InfoWars of engaging in a campaign of "false, cruel, and risky assertions".

Back in February, he reportedly received a YouTube strike for a conspiracy theory video about the Parkland, Fla. high school shooting. Upon re-review, Facebook made a decision to take down the video for its violation. "At the same time they're telling us how important it is that people should be able to say what they think, they are agitating for Alex Jones to be pulled off YouTube". Facebook previously notified Jones that his profile would be suspended if he received an additional content violation. Asked by CNN how they can claim to be serious about tackling the problem of misinformation online while simultaneously allowing InfoWars to maintain a page with almost one million followers, company executives struggled to provide an answer.

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