Avenatti says Cohen's Trump recording 'is not the only tape'

Michael Cohen

Two-Thirds of Michael Cohen’s Disputed Communications with Trump Covered By Attorney Client Privilege The Associated Press 20 Jul 2018

Trump's tweets lashed out at both points. "Since the federal search warrants were first served on Michael Cohen, it has been likely that he and his most famous client, the president were in trouble", says former White House ethics counsel Norman L. Eisen.

He tweeted: "The good news is that your favorite President did nothing wrong!".

Davis responded, tweeting: "The strategy of @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @RudyGiuliani is flawed; just as is #Trump's false #Twitter statement made against @MichaelCohen212 this morning".

The news that he secretly recorded conversations with Trump signals that he may be willing to cooperate with investigators to share information he knows about the president despite Trump's protests that the information should be protected by attorney-client privilege.

The recording cuts off with Trump mid-sentence, one person said, and picks up in the middle of a conversation Cohen is having with another person. Most states, including NY, allow for recordings of conversations with only the consent of one party; other states require all parties to agree to a recording or have mixed laws on the matter. "Team Trump actually contacted the judge and waived the privilege, thus, permitting Rudy the ability to release his version of the tape's content".

Yesterday's reports raised questions about why Trump's campaign denied knowledge of the deal between McDougal and American Media when it became public and fanned speculation about how much damage Cohen can inflict on the president.

When The Wall Street Journal reported on AMI's payments to McDougal days before the election, the Trump campaign denied knowing about them. However, the story was never published.

"It is the client who owns the privilege and not the lawyer", the source said.

But the recording does show that Trump was considering buying the rights to McDougal's story from AMI - despite the fact that Trump's spokeswoman at the time, Hope Hicks, called McDougal's claims "totally untrue" and said Trump had "no knowledge of any of this".

In addition, Giuliani has said there is only one real conversation with the President and the rest are non-substantive, short, more mundane conversations about ministerial matters, like setting up discussions. Rudy claims the tape is "exculpatory".

It was then revealed that Cohen secretly taped Donald Trump during their working relationship.

The tape was part of extensive evidence seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation during an April 9 raid on Cohen, which sparked outrage from the President - "Attorney-client privilege is dead!"

"Obviously, there is an ongoing investigation, and we are sensitive to that", Davis said in a statement to the Times.

How many more women are involved in what now seems to be a coordinated pattern and practice on the part of Cohen and Trump to silence women for Trump's political gain? "Any attempt at spin cannot change what is on the tape".

Trump during the press conference declined to challenge Putin's insistence that his country did not meddle in the election, then backtracked a day later by saying he misspoke in his comments and that he accepted the assessment of USA intelligence agencies that Moscow interfered.

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