Trump claims "aggressive" Montenegro could start WW3

After Helsinki, Trump boasts of reinforcing NATO

Trump Wonders Why U.S. Should Always Have To Defend NATO Allies

The government of Montenegro has defended its contribution to peace in response to a comment from the U.S. President Donald Trump, who said earlier this week that the tiny Balkan state's "aggressive" people were capable of triggering "World War III".

Darmanovic took a generous view of Trump's comments, suggesting the US President was making a broader point.

If the United States had treated the badly wounded post-Soviet Russia less brutally in the 1990s, nurturing the fragile new Russian democracy instead of taking all the Eastern European countries into North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and pushing the alliance's military frontier right up to the former Soviet border, there might never have been support in Russia for an aggrieved nationalist like Putin.

"I've asked the same question", Trump said.

TRUMP: No, by the way, they have very strong people - they have very aggressive people.

"I'm absolutely confident that the foundations of that are as strong as they have ever been", Ms Payne said. They are very aggressive people, they may get aggressive, and congratulations, you are in World War Three.

The Montenegrin government stresses that the country is proud of its history, traditions and politics of the world, which led to the stabilizing role of Montenegro in the region.

DARMANOVIC: We confirm our strong friendship and alliance with the United States.

Polish NATO tanks
Trump Doesn’t Get Why U.S. Has to Defend NATO Allies

Theoretically, this would turn into a bigger war between the U.S. and Russian Federation - all thanks to grouchy little Montenegro - and would be the cause of World War III. A Montenegro undefended by American troops is not a gateway to Russian dominance.

"NATO's collective defense clause, Article 5 (of the Charter) is unconditional and as if made of reinforced concrete". A majority of Americans never wanted a Trump presidency, and yet the Republican Congress has done nothing to restrain Trump's risky impulses.

Barely a year since the former Yugoslav republic joined Nato, Trump's remarks - in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday - have been met with a mix of mockery, contempt and outright disbelief. He's right. The pipeline not only makes Germany more dependent on Moscow for energy, it also risks the security of Poland and other Eastern European allies.

McCain expounded on his views in an op-ed piece for USA Today, in which he pointed to the recent indictments of two Russians in connection with an alleged coup attempt in late 2016 in Montenegro.

It wasn't the first time Trump appeared skeptical of NATO's core promise, a position unthinkable for any U.S. President since the organization was started in 1949.

Montenegro, the statement says, was the only Balkan country, which during the breakup of Yugoslavia the war broke out.

"Nato membership brings a guarantee of peace, not just for its new members, but for the entire Western community".

There was a huge backlash in the USA because even Trump's own supporters were dismayed to see him value the Russian dictator's words more highly than those of American intelligence professionals. Not only are we paying for most of it but they weren't even paying and we're protecting them.

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