Eight confirmed dead in boating accident at Table Rock Lake

Survivor who lost family when tourist boat sank was told'not to put on life jacket

Tia Coleman told an Indianapolis television station that she and a nephew were the only survivors among 11 relatives aboard the boat

Mr Rader said stormy weather is believed to have caused the capsizing.

Here are the videos obtained by The Kansas City Star- the following content may not be suitable for all viewers: It was not immediately clear whether the following video shows the duck boat that sank. "We had a line of very strong thunderstorms that caused 74 miles per hour winds here in Springfield", he said.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTS) said it is sending a team to investigate.

Two boats had been on the water, according to Rader, one of which returned safely.

He said the vehicles are not built to a safe standard, adding: 'They are death traps, and the insurance rates accurately capture the danger'.

Duck amphibious vehicles are used on tourist sightseeing tours around the world and have been involved in a number of fatal accidents in the past two decades.

"Of the seven who were transported, only one of them had serious injuries, the rest of them were moderate injuries", Mr Rader said.

Investigators say the boat sank.

Divers staged near the Showboat Branson Belle, according to a statement issued by the Southern Stone County Fire Protection District. Boaters and staff from the nearby Branson Belle rescued several.

The DUKW, a six-wheel-drive amphibious truck, was first made in the United States in the mid-1940s to deliver people and materials ashore where no port facilities existed.

The first report came out about 7:12 p.m. on Thursday night. It's also unclear how many people were injured, as Radar says the recovery efforts are ongoing and some passengers are still not accounted for.

She could not confirm how many crew members were aboard the boat. Ride the Ducks is a national company that has multiple locations across the US, including Guam.

BREAKING: This is video of what the waves were like on Table Rock Lake in Missouri tonight when the duck boat capsized. The company has been operating in the city for 40 years and is "a staple of Branson", Smagala-Potts said. "This is a very trying time for all those who are involved".

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