Elon Musk tries to help, but does not always succeed

Thailand cave rescuer considers legal action against Elon Musk for 'pedo' comment

Elon Musk makes unfounded accusation against Thai cave rescuer

Musk responded on Sunday in a freaky series of tweets referring to Unsworth, without using his name, as "pedo guy".

"[Musk] can stick his submarine where it hurts", Unsworth said in a previous interview, presumably in reference to the anus.

No evidence has come to light to substantiate Musk's pedophilia accusation.

He had said in an earlier interview with CNN that Musk's miniature escape pod "had absolutely no chance of working".

But Musk also has many champions on Wall Street, who believe his plans for disrupting autos could remake the transportation sector and have helped Tesla achieve a market value greater than Ford and only slightly below that of General Motors. "They had no conception of what the cave passage was like.It wouldn't have made the first 50 metres into the cave from the dive start point", Vern Unsworth told The Telegraph.

Unsworth said Monday that he is considering legal action against Musk, telling a reporter for Australia's Nine Network, "it's not finished".

Unsworth said he had saved copies of Musk's tweets and believed that the businessman had "lost the plot", adding: "I have a lot of support from people around the world astonished by his unfounded comments". When asked about whether he'd sue, he said "If it's what I think it is yes". "I'm certain they wish he would be a more cautious tweeter". "Just a PR stunt".

Last week, Musk also took to Twitter to pledge to help Flint, Mich., residents affected by the city's water crisis, replying to a user that he would commit to "fund fixing the water in any house in Flint that has water contamination above FDA levels".

Unsworth's comments came as it was reported that two Australians who assisted in the global effort to help the Thai football team were given diplomatic immunity in case anything went wrong during the rescue.

The tweet, later deleted, sent investors away from Tesla stock and could expose the temperamental rocket scientist to a libel suit.

In a second tweet, Musk said he bet the claim was true. He said Musk, whom he had never met, must have a "bruised ego".

Spokesmen for Tesla and Musk's office did not respond to requests for comment.

Shares of the electric auto maker were down 3.5 percent in late-morning trading at $307.82 on news that Musk could face a libel suit over the episode.

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