US accuses Russian spies of 2016 election hacking as summit looms

It is the first head-to-head summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir PutinMore

It is the first head-to-head summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir PutinMore

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, said the release of the indictments were just a formality and that he briefed President Trump about the new charges earlier this week.

The indictment says the Russians used "spearphishing" - a technique used to steal passwords or otherwise gain access to computers - throughout the summer of 2016 to hack individuals associated with the Clinton campaign.

They also plotted to hack into the computers of state boards of elections, secretaries of state, and voter software, according to the indictment. "I probably am the person referred to".

The indictment is the first that directly charges Moscow.

Among the victims were 500,000 registered voters whose information was stolen.

Cyberattacks and interference on the US political system began in 2014, and involved trips to Texas, fake community accounts and even rallies in Austin.

"The current tensions have no objective reasons", he said.

Recently, Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox suggested to that with 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney on the ballot, the state may be a bigger target for cyberattacks. That indictment said the Russians adopted false online personas to push divisive messages, travelled to the United States to collect intelligence and staged political rallies while posing as Americans.

The indictment also does not allege that any vote tallies were altered by hacking.

Next week he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a summit in Helsinki, Finland. In August 2016, the hacker persona wrote to Stone: "please tell me if i can help u would be a great pleasure to me". "They also enlisted the assistance of one or more third-party exchangers who facilitated layered transactions through digital currency exchange platforms providing heightened anonymity". Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. WikiLeaks explained, "we think trump has only a 25% chance of winning against conflict between bernie and hillary is interesting".

On July 27, 2016, Trump famously said, "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing". Five people, including three former Trump aides, have pleaded guilty.

"The Justice Department, which was investigating Russian interference in the election - with the Federal Bureau of Investigation - before Mueller was appointed, certainly could have handled these cases", said McCarthy.

Americans were not charged on Friday, nor were they named in the indictment.

"Whether it is the countless cyberattacks, interference with our elections, infringing on its neighboring borders or propping up corrupt regimes, Russian Federation has proven itself to be a hostile nation toward America and our Western allies", Curtis said. President Donald Trump, who uses Twitter virtually every day, has so far lost 300,000 followers.

Robert Mueller, who is investigating the Russian interference, noted during the press conference that the hackers sought to obscure their identities by utilizing hundreds of different email address to make their transactions.

Love said throughout the nation's history, Americans "have selflessly sacrificed in part to preserve free and open elections".

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