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'He's Evil': Author Joel Rosenberg Warns Trump Against Upcoming Meeting with Putin

Aides had said Trump would spend the weekend preparing for Monday's meeting with Putin in Helsinki.

U.S. President Donald Trump gestures as he answers questions during a news conference before departing the NATO Summit in Brussels, Belgium, Thursday, July 12, 2018.

While Trump did let the 79-point summit declaration go through, his assertion that "I've taken over a lot of bad hands and I am fixing them", at the end of the summit left the impression there were serious problems at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, diplomats said. "We will redouble out efforts it shows that the clear message from President Trump is having an impact".

The delegations of the two sides will include the heads of Russian and USA foreign policy departments and experts from their government bodies. President Barack Obama favored further cuts, but U.S.

Relations with the West have also been soured by the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain in March. But now Trump is under pressure - including from several members of Congress from his own party - to finally confront Putin once and for all over trying to sabotage the election that put Trump in the White House.

Rosenberg warns of potentially bigger threat - Russia's growing influence in the Middle East.

Wondering whether Trump will have the courage to challenge Putin & say Putin is full of it when he denies that his government had any role in the hacks during the 2016 campaign. If you look from the position of the U.S. as a leader of the Western world, then he is absolutely right when he says: 'Guys, we spend money on your safety, you save this money.

But the Trump administration appears unlikely to do so. The Russian leader said in May that his military would soon begin fielding a new generation of nuclear weapons, including a globe-circling ballistic missile that he previously said could fly over either the North or the South Pole to strike targets anywhere in the world with more powerful and more numerous warheads.

The US and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies did pledge in Brussels to bolster their defense and deterrence capabilities as a bulwark against Putin - a notable achievement.

Trump has repeatedly said the investigation into suspected Russian interference in the 2016 US election - which he casts as a "rigged witch hunt" - makes it hard for him to do substantive deals with Moscow. Hypersonic flight equates to going Mach 5, or five times the speed of sound.

A pro-Trump demonstration is also due to be held in London by alt-right campaigners, as well as a counter, anti-fascism protest.

Critics said they were skeptical Trump would press the issue at all, despite the indictments.

The INF Treaty, signed in 1987, required both sides to eliminate their ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with ranges between 500 and 5,500 km (310 and 3,420 miles).

Moscow has denied London's claims that Russian Federation was behind the poisoning.

The French leader said that Trump had not threatened to pull out of the 70-year-old alliance over the defense spending commitments of Washington's European allies, contrary to some media reports. That could help resolve the question of how far the missile can fly, while also protecting against disclosure of sensitive missile technology information. "This story will now consume US news, and blows up Trump's claim it is all a witch hunt and hoax".

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