Apple Planning Series of Upgrades This Fall


A new Mac Mini is finally on the way

The unit will bring high-end desktop-class graphics processing to MacBook Pro for professional video workflows while also being the first to support Thunderbolt 3 displays.

Apple wants to clean house and encourage users to buy one of the newest MacBook Pros, all of which were quietly announced today.

The 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro can be spec'ed with either an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor with up to 2.7GHz and double the eDRAM.

The 2015 15-inch Macbook Pro.

The 15-inch models feature 16GB of more powerful DDR4 RAM and the six-core i7 processor with regular speeds up to 2.6GHz and turbo of up to 4.3GHz. It is hard to know what exactly will be delivered there but they will undoubtedly deliver improved performance/power efficiency as is always claimed between processor generations.

"We've already seen how Coffee Lake CPUs can boost mobile computing to new heights, and Apple is taking full advantage of that CPU range with the 15" MacBook Pro.

Apple isn't one for giving anyone a heads up on when it's going to launch new products, unless there's a big stage event involved, and given there are always rumours circulating about hardware refreshes, it's hard to tell when something real will arrive. There are purportedly chip upgrades arriving across the MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, and (at last) the Mac Mini ranges.

The past two generations of MacBook Pro models were sometimes criticized for reduced battery runtimes compared with older models, as Apple used smaller batteries.

Apple also released new leather sleeves for its MacBook lineup. However, the new models still use a butterfly keyboard, and those who find them uncomfortable to type on will likely be sad to learn of the retirement of the only non-butterfly MacBook Pro option. In fact, if you are running DaVinci Resolve 15 you can expect increased performance for editing with more real time effects, color corrections with more nodes and ResolveFX such as film grain, light rays, blurs and more.

To be clear, it's the 15-inch model that will offer the highest-end specifications, as it historically always has.

This new third-generation keyboard wasn't created to solve those issues, Apple says. The Touch Bar (which also supports True Tone) and other security features are now powered by a new "T2" chip.

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