Apple Music is reportedly bigger than Spotify in the United States now

Apple Music might have overtaken Spotify and have more paying US subscribers

Major music distributor says Apple Music now has more US paying subscribers than Spotify

Apple recently demonstrated its edge over Spotify as musician Drake released his new album "Scorpion", which is expected to be the biggest album of the year.

Based on an anonymous report from an indusrty insider, Apple's own music-streaming service is not only now enjoying more paying subscribers in the land of the free than Spotify, but has actually taken the leading spot among all on-demand music-streaming services in the country. But subscriber numbers may not be the only place Spotify is lagging behind Apple.

But let's not quibble over the details: It seems certain that Apple Music and Spotify are basically neck-and-neck at the moment, from a subscriber count in the U.S. And that Apple will surpass Spotify soon, if it hasn't already.

According to Digital Music News, Spotify was just surpassed in terms of United States subscribers.

In February, it was reported that the number of Spotify paid subscribers worldwide was double compared to Apple Music, but it was believed that Apple Music will catch up by the summer. So both services have grown impressively since that time. Again, this is just as far as the USA goes and excludes users in the trial period. To be exact, Spotify is growing 2% each month while Apple Music grows 5% each month. I suspect that Spotify has roughly twice as many paying subscribers as Apple does, overall.

Additionally, the new data projects that Apple Music will widen the distance between Spotify in the coming months. However, the figure is no match to Spotify's 75 million paid subscribers as of March 31.

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