Trump names Indian-American to key role in appointment of SC justice

Bill Clark  Getty Images Cherry blossoms frame the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington

Bill Clark Getty Images Cherry blossoms frame the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington

"It has been established as a constitutional right for 46 or 45 years and was reaffirmed 26 years ago", she said of Roe v. Wade.

He did not detail with whom Trump had spoken Tuesday or say how many potential nominees Trump has now interviewed. "No one was asked these questions and as far as I know no one has been asked these questions if they were brought into the process in the White House".

The president is expected to announce his nominee for the position on Monday, July 9.

Trump's comments come days after multiple liberal legislators pledged to fight the president's pick, with Sen.

Collins noted that she was in favor of moving forward with a nominee in the next couple months, so a new justice could be in place by the time the Supreme Court's next term begins in October.

After the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell changed Senate rules past year, eliminating the filibuster of Supreme Court nominees and clearing the way for easy confirmation of Trump's first pick Justice Neil Gorsuch, Republicans feel emboldened.

McGahn will lead the overall selection and confirmation process, the White House said Monday, repeating the role he played in the successful confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch past year.

Sanders also announced that her deputy Raj Shah will take leave from his role to "oversee communications, strategy and messaging coordination with Capitol Hill allies" surrounding the Supreme Court nomination.

Senators Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska have voiced support for the legality of abortion, with Collins saying that she would find any nominee who opposes the Roe v. Wade decision to be "unacceptable".

"There is keen interest in those two, but there are at least a couple of others who are still very seriously in the mix", said the person. In an unusually direct appeal to voters, he said that to block "an ideological nominee, " people should tell their senators to oppose anyone from Trump's list.

Collins says a nominee who demonstrated "hostility" to the Roe decision "would not be acceptable to me". That judicial approach typically involves a more literal interpretation of the Constitution as compared to broader rulings such as Roe.

Murkowski, from Alaska, and U.S. Sen.

Larsen was nominated for the U.S. Court of Appeals of the Sixth Circuit by Trump last year and confirmed for the position in November 2017 after serving for two years on Michigan's Supreme Court.

Collins, who has previously bucked party lines on other key issues such as health care, said she plans to have an in-depth conversation with the nominee.

Trump met with Kavanaugh, Barrett, Thapar and Kethledge on Monday, the Washington Post reported, citing three people briefed on the meetings. John McCain not voting in the Senate due to his serious cancer, Republicans hold the barest of margins in what is now consequently a 50-49 Senate.

In the case of a 50-50 vote on the nominee, Vice President Mike Pence could cast the tie-breaking vote.

Associated Press reporters Mark Sherman, Alan Fram and Hope Yen contributed.

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