Canada seeks intensive NAFTA talks, even as Trump wants to wait

President Donald Trump talks with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a G-7 Summit welcome ceremony in Charlevoix Canada. Canada announced Friday June 29 billions of dollars in retaliatory tariffs again

Canada Imposes Major New Tariffs on American Goods

Trump has also tried to pressure Canada and Mexico into agreeing to rewrite the 24-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement to shift more auto production and investment to the United States.

The federal Liberal government is determined to rekindle intensive talks on a new continental trade pact this summer - even though President Donald Trump says he won't sign a renegotiated NAFTA until after the USA midterm elections this fall.

"The economy is doing perhaps better than ever before, and that's prior to fixing some of the worst and most unfair Trade Deals ever made by any country", he tweeted.

Canadian tariffs on more than 100 USA goods went into effect on Sunday, as a retaliatory effort against similar measures imposed by the United States.

OTTAWA, Ontario Canada began imposing tariffs Sunday on $12.6 billion in USA goods as retaliation for the Trump administration's new taxes on steel and aluminum imported to the United States.

But with Trump's inflammatory rhetoric, Canada's retaliatory tariffs against the US and a leftist, anti-establishment Mexican president about to join the fray, there are some who believe any North American Free Trade Agreement talks may be in long-term limbo.

The trade war could further escalate, today, US President Donald Trump reiterated his threat to impose tariffs on Canadian vehicles.

Trudeau was speaking on the front steps of Highbury Canco with CEO Sam Diab.

Trudeau got a tour of the facility and the two spoke about the trade environment and how Diab supports Trudeau's retaliatory tariffs. "It is fair and measured response", said Goodale.

"It's not about corporate board rooms and decision-making at some 30,000-foot level".

Angela Egan said she feels Trump is trying to "bully" Canada into submission.

"I don't see how (Trudeau) is going to get this done", he said.

"This policy of appeasement, or this policy of playing nice that was attempted by the Trudeau government at the beginning, I think that that time is over", Gomez, a founder of the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations, told guest host Catherine Cullen. Everybody has to go through different arguments and discussions.

On Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke with Lopez Obrador by phone.

Sounding a little hoarse, but still energetic, after his cross-country day of speech making, the prime minister said it was great to be back in the Yukon.

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