Epic Have Already Turned Off Fortnite Battle Royale's New Playground Mode

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Fortnite Playground mode coming back TODAY? Fans given hope about LTM return

The eagerly anticipated Fortnite Playground LTM is essentially a practice mode, and was originally planned for release in June before it got delayed. Now, Fortnite's developers have offered a minor update via Reddit.

The Fortnite Playground mode was closed for repairs less than two hours after the LTM was launched.

"We're continuing to test our matchmaking service improvements and are still aiming to release the Playground LTM as soon as possible".

The new mode of play was removed Wednesday to the chagrin of many players.

Within a couple of hours of going live, Playground was taken offline, with Epic citing server strain as the issue.

Epic Games' newest experiment - Playground Mode - went up briefly earlier this week before being taken down thanks to continued errors with matchmaking and logins for players. "Once we have confirmed that our testing was successful we will begin gradually rolling servers out to all regions and platforms until it's available to all players".

We've heard your feedback regarding the Final Fight LTM and we agree that the mode isn't quite in a state where we want it to be.

If you've been keeping track of Fortnite in recent months, you know that Epic Games likes to keep the game fresh by permanently altering the map with massive, explosive events.

'We've got multiple teams working to get this mode back into your hands so you can let your imaginations run wild'.

Later Thursday night, a tweet revealed that more testing on matchmaking would be needed before releasing the mode again.

As previously mentioned, the limited-time Playground mode also suffered from a series of issues following its launch and still hasn't returned to the rotation.

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