Instagram Stories, Now Twice as Big as Snapchat, Adds Music Integration

Instagram Music for Stories

Instagram Stories Announces Music Feature To Celebrate 400 Million Users

Instagram has announced the launch of a new feature, Music In Instagram Stories.

The song library can be searched and sorted by mood and genre, and users are able to seek through a track and select the segment they want to include in their story. Tracks can be previewed before they're added; Once chosen, you can fast forward or rewind so the tune starts at the moment you choose.

Whichever way a user chooses to go, a sticker for the song playing will be added to the Story.

Users can also queue up a song to play in the background as they record videos for their stories.

Music will be added through "stickers", which will appear beside location, GIF, and other sticker add-ons.

"We're adding new songs to our music library every day".

Users can also select a song even before a video has been captured. When opening the camera, swipe to the new "Music" option under the record button. This functionality should make it to Android soon.

Meanwhile, Instagram has confirmed that Instagram Stories now has 400m daily users, up from 300m in November.

The Stories feature is used by over 400 million people daily, and Instagram's new music feature marks the first time the platform will allow people to add a musical element to their Stories.

The feature is now available only in a few selected countries and Instagram is working towards launching the feature in more countries.

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