Trump blasts Harley - and gets his facts wrong - again

Trump Supporters Soon Will Learn That No One Wins A Trade War

Harley, stung by tariffs, shifts some production overseas

Trump wrote Wednesday that Harley "should stay 100% in America", in another missive aimed at a company that announced plans this week to shift production out of the avoid retaliatory tariffs.

"Harley-Davidson motorcycles sold in the US will continue to be made in the US", Pflughoeft said. Now the European Union has chose to target Harley for increased tariffs in response to Trump's trade war. He incorrectly said Harley was moving production to Asia from the U.S., when in fact the expansion in Thailand was unrelated to the closing in Missouri. Harley must know that they won't be able to sell back into USA without paying a big tax!

Standard & Poor's has placed motorcycle maker Harley Davidson's debt on credit watch due to cost increases from a US trade dispute with the European Union. "I don't like that, because I've been very good with Harley-Davidson", Trump said.

The fight is a stunning reversal for a company that Trump once called "a true American icon".

Trump's current attacks came after Harley announced on Monday that the company would shift some of its production outside of the USA due to Trump's trade battles and the European Union's retaliatory tariffs against the US.

Trump also threatened on Tuesday to tax any motorcycles the company ships into the US.

Harley-Davidson announced the closing of a factory in Missouri in January, but the reason for that was slumping domestic sales numbers. If they move, watch it, it will be the beginning of the end.

"A Harley-Davidson should never be built in another country-never!" he said earlier on Twitter. Harley-Davidson is using that (tariff on steel and aluminum) as an excuse. The company has said ramping up production overseas could take at least nine to 18 months. "I was the one that explained to Harley about 100 per cent tax in India. and I got it down to a much lower number. which is, I think, 50 per cent, which is far too much, but they were paying 100 per cent". Its last quarter sales fell by 12 percent in the US but grew by about 7 percent in multiple continents, including Europe.

Harley-Davidson said the move overseas was to avoid European Union tariffs, not to sell in the United States market.

"I fought hard for them and ultimately they will not pay tariffs selling into the European Union, which has hurt us badly on trade, down $151 Billion".

The company is only the latest targeted by Trump for various reasons.

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