LeBron James could stay in Cleveland, but return is murky

Cavaliers HeadlinesBroussard Le Bron hasn’t made decision yet due to “so many moving parts”

Cavaliers HeadlinesBroussard Le Bron hasn’t made decision yet due to “so many moving parts”

CLEVELAND- LeBron James could opt out of his a year ago of his contract with the Cavaliers and leave Cleveland for a second time.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are apparently willing to make big moves in free agency and on the trade market to convince LeBron James to remain with the franchise, but LeBron is making life hard for them by not discussing what would make him happy. I'm the reigning two-time NBA Finals MVP.

ESPN reported Wednesday the Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Philadelphia 76ers, and Los Angeles Clippers have all made offers for Leonard, who reportedly requested a trade earlier in June. However, the Lakers have their reason to believe that James is only going to Hollywood if they could successfully execute a trade with the San Antonio Spurs that would land them two-way superstar Kawhi Leonard. When healthy, Leonard has proven to be one of the league's top players, and always seems capable of being in the conversation for the MVP award, which is why it really isn't a surprise to see all these teams expressing interest.

Houston is "all-in" on its pursuit of James, according to a report from USA Today. The executive pointed out a similar dynamic played out "in Cleveland four years ago", when James very publicly declared he would leave the Heat for the Cavs, after which the latter team made a blockbuster trade for Kevin Love.

James' reluctance to speak with the Cavs heightens the excitement over the prospect of him bringing his talents to the Los Angeles Lakers., the odds-on favorites to acquire James this offseason. James' shooting percentage from three-point range was the third-best single-season mark of his career.

"It's like "that deal is stupid for Kawhi" - yeah, the point is, that what is what they would give up in order to clear the salary cap space to also sign LeBron James".

To make matters even more dramatic, the Lakers don't have all the time in the world.

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