Sheriff Asks Public to Stay Clear of Iowa Train Derailment Site

Train Derailment

As for that derailment near Doon Iowa the cleanup continues Saturday

Lyon County Sheriff Stewart Vander Stoep said, "About 100 people are working on this and they are making some pretty good progress, they've been hauling oil out here all day long". More than 30 cars derailed after the tracks reportedly collapsed due to saturation from flood waters from the adjacent Little Rock River.

BNSF spokesman Andy Williams confirmed the details Saturday.

Almost half the spill - an estimated 100,000 gallons (378,530 liters) - had been contained with booms near the derailment site and an additional boom placed approximately 5 miles (8.05 kilometers) downstream, Williams said.

Williams said the derailed cars were a model known as DOT-117Rs, indicating they were newer or had been retrofitted to be safer and help prevent leaks in the event of an accident.

Crews will then use equipment to separate the oil from the water.

The railroad will focus on environmental recovery.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds toured flood-stricken areas of the state Saturday noting in social media posts, "I was impressed by the coordinated efforts of county & state emergency management". Following her visit to Rock Valley, Reynolds and other officials visited the site of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe train derailment site.

"We've had skimmers working since yesterday on the floodwater south of the site".

Olson says the city will use the rural water supply until testing by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources confirms the safety of the city's drinking water. In the meantime, the city is getting its water from the nearby Rock Valley Rural Water system, which Olson said is not in danger of being contaminated by the spill.

Rock Valley, Iowa, just southwest of the derailment, shut off its water wells within hours of the accident.

32 oil tanker cars derailed on Friday 22 June in Lyon County, Iowa.

(Doon)- Flooding is believed to have been the cause of a train derailment in Lyon county early this (Fri.) morning that has resulted in the evacuation of some residents there. He did not know how much had spilled. He says the oil is being carried downstream into the Rock River a few hundred yards west.

The train was carrying tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada, to Stroud, Oklahoma, for ConocoPhillips.

Officials say 230,000 gallons spilled.

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