Dominic Grieve: Rebels could ‘collapse government’

Theresa May’s frantic search for the perfect Brexit compromise

Theresa May fails to appease Tory rebels on EU Withdrawal Bill

Theresa May is facing the biggest parliamentary bust-up yet on her flagship Brexit legislation after a compromise created to keep critics in her own party on board was denounced as "unacceptable" by Tory Remainers.

But the latest manoeuvre by a minority government that has been forced to compromise with parliament anxious some lawmakers who feared it would hand the European Union an incentive to withhold any agreement on an exit deal to force a "softer" Brexit.

Tory rebels want Parliament to be able to direct the government's course at such a potentially "apocalyptic moment". Instead, he said, the changed wording meant any vote would merely indicate the government had considered MPs' views. And crucially, the statement would be unamendable.

Dominic Grieve told the BBC that, "The wording of the deal with May has been changed and the final format is unacceptable". It will then come back to the Commons once more, when MPs likewise can reject or vote through amendments to the legislation.

Meanwhile, it is understood that Viscount Hailsham has tabled an amendment in the House of Lords along the same lines as the proposals put forward in the Commons earlier this week by former attorney general Dominic Grieve.

"And that, I can tell you, I am not prepared to do".

However, the Grieve amendment was not put to a vote on Tuesday, after would-be rebels accepted "personal assurances" from the PM that a compromise would be found.

Using words like "bad faith" and "betrayal", pro-Remain Tory MPs have accused the Government of ripping up an agreement they had made with Theresa May earlier this week.

May's Conservatives do not have a majority in the unelected House of Lords, and with the opposition Labour Party deciding to back a rival proposal, the government faces defeat when the debate begins on Monday afternoon.

Tory Brexiteers are fiercely resistant to the idea because they believe it could effectively be used as a Brexit veto to keep the United Kingdom in the EU.

According to The Guardian, his resignation will increase the number of enemies that Tuesday during the day I want to speak out against the government on an important amendment to the bill.

Sarah Wollaston tweeted: "So just to be clear we are now going to have to amend the "unamendable" after the agreed amendable amendment acquired a sneaky sting in the tail".

"Would be amusing if only it wasn't such a serious issue, Preventing the most destructive Brexit matters to the majority in Parliament..."

What is the meaningful vote amendment?

"Parliament can not - and should not - accept it".

But today the offer was finally revealed to Tories who threatened to rebel - and they've branded it "unacceptable". It was clear she couldn't keep both promises - we are now finding out which lie she was telling.

Ministers have so far agreed to give parliament a symbolic vote on the government's strategy if its initial exit deal is rejected, but not to give parliament the power to force changes to its plan.

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