Won't sign 'moderate' immigration bill in GOP setback

House Speaker Paul Ryan R-Wis. takes questions from reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington. Ryan said Thursday he's not comfortable with a Trump administration policy that separates children from their parents at the

House GOP Immigration Bill Would Grant Visas To ‘Dreamers’, Fund $25B For Border Wall

President Donald Trump ended Republicans' hopes of putting an immigration bill on his desk, dismissing the House GOP compromise bill as too moderate and something he would "certainly" not sign into law.

After a day of confusion that threatened the future of the legislation, the White House issued a statement on the record that Trump supported the bill along with a more conservative piece of legislation.

House Republican leaders plan to whip support for the compromise measure later Friday.

"For those who are already on the line or questioning it that might give them additional pause", Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., the chair of the Republican Study Committee, a large group of conservative House Republicans, told ABC News. "We welcome a robust debate on the many proposals our Members have put forth, respecting policy differences, hopefully without personal attacks", Pelosi said.

"I know there's been ongoing conversations with the administration as early as this morning on the bill", Meadows said.

"I'm looking at both of them", Trump told reporters at the White House.

A few hours after his driveway performance, Trump tweeted that any immigration overhaul legislation, to garner his signature, must include "full funding" for a U.S. -Mexico border wall, end the so-called "catch-and-release" program, terminate both the Diversity Visa Program and family based immigration programs, and "go to Merit Based Immigration".

"Go for it! WIN!"

It's unclear if either bill can pass the House given Democrats' opposition to both proposals, and Republicans' deep disagreements on immigration policy.

Civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson is criticizing Attorney General Jeff Sessions for citing the Bible to justify the government separating immigrant children from their parents.

President Donald Trump was confused when he said he wouldn't support a "moderate" immigration bill that aligns with his administration's own stated goals.

The compromise bill would mandate that children be kept with families seized entering the U.S.be kept together for as long as they are in the custody of the Homeland Security Department, whose agencies staff border facilities and enforce immigration laws.

He made the comment Friday after Mr. Trump told reporters that he won't sign a "moderate" bill.

"House Republicans are not going to take on immigration without the support and endorsement of President Trump", he said. The measure would make sweeping changes to the nation's immigration system, shifting preference from the family members of USA citizens to employment-based criteria, and creating a special visa program that would give young unauthorized immigrants the chance to become citizens based on factors like employment and education.

A senior White House official said the tweet was created to signal his support.

Ryan also says votes will come to the House floor next week to fix the immigration system, including a long-term solution for the deferred action for childhood arrivals policy, or DACA.

Trump did not specifically say why he opposed the compromise bill. Now the White House is saying that, yes, he will.

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